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Spotlight Episode 3 - 1958


Daniel, Imogen, Ryan and Mason are back with the expert help of Methven Primary School. Today they look at 1958.

Here comes the music spotlight with Imagen, Daniel Mason and Ryan. Hello and welcome to the third episode of spotlight, brought to you by birth apart Ki School. This is spotlight, theshow that dells into the past to see what happened in our particular year.We would love for you to get involved with our show. Request songs.I say hello to a love when in the care home. Will make surethey hear the show. Email the school at birth the park hsp a pksetgovdot UK, or tweet us at birth apart guy. You can even visitour school website, birth apark high dot Org dot UK. Today we aregoing to look at the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty and, asusual, I am joined by Daniel Mason, with research from Ryan. We arealso joined by Harry, Sean and Jessica from Mevin Primary School. Daniel, let's start with you. What can you tell us about one thousand ninehundred and fifty eight? Well, imagine it was in this year's of EuropeanEconomic Community, EC was born. If you have ever heard of the EC, that is because we have a new name for it now. Now itis called the European Union speaking of unions, and this year you shoot since are united into one country, the United our republic. It was theirplan to one daying off the entirety of Middle East in North Africa. Iprobably had was getting other naceous to join US union. Is it nobody couldagree? Who would leave it? And one thing about the tears. Isit they never want to give up power? Sadly, on February six seven ManchesterUnited Footballers are among the twenty one people killed in the Munich air disasterin West Germany on the return flight from a European Cup game in Yugoslavia.Twenty three people survive, but four of them, including manager Matt busby andplayers Johnny Berry and Duncan Edwards, are... serious condition. Bust being berrywill pull through all the berry will never play again. Edward Dies a fortnightlater. And made the Soviet Union launch buttnet at the first ever satellite intospace. This was a great achievement at the time. The thought of anon regulated Soviet satellite above them was much for the US. Secretly, theUSAF kidnap the satellite and took her to the grunt and destroyed it and rebuiltit with the Russians, ever finding out. In February, London's famous having thearena became the scene of a remarkable venture, a private motor show organizedby Ford of Dagon. Representatives of the government, of industry, of theservices and from abroad were invited to witness the ceremonial location. News within theair that new models were due to be announced, and for some time excitementand curiosity had been growing. What were they like? Everyone wanted to know. This was the day on which the news broke. Inside the hole speciallyconverted for the occasion, the stars of the show were soon introduced in dramaticfashion. In this year TV was just becoming reality. President Eisenhower became thefirst elected official to be broadcasted, and he was only filmed in black andwhite. And Religious News. In September, Pope pious a twelves passed away,Pope John The twenty three seed.

They over to mes in Primary School, where MSS Cook has been helping Shawn, Harry and Jessica. When the alittle more of the one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight. We areMavrom frimary school and I am in primary Cheven and I will talk about theFearfu Cup. Think about this. When the first edition of the Guinness Bookof Records was published in nineteen fifty five, the number of FEF World Cups wonby Brazil was around the Europe now. So much can change in sixty years. Now known simply as the Guinness World Records for the football's premient nationalteam, the very first World Cup staged after that one thousand nine hundred andfifty five publishing, was won by the Brazil. And Nineteen fifty eight.Do you know how Nursa it was created the United State President, President Einsenhower, signs the National Aeronautics and space acts into law, creating the National Aeronauticsand Space Admiration, commonly referred to as NASA. It was established on Julytwenty nine as an executive branch Federal Agency with the mission of researching aerospace andthe peaceful scientific applications of aeronautics. NASA, a civilian oriented agency, replaced theNational Adversary Committee of Aeronautics, which had been military base. My Nameis Jessica and primary seven. I have a few fun facts for you.From nineteen fifty eight, the world population was two billion. Nine hundred andforty three million. The Hula Hip was first produced at Wham or. Onthe fifth of March one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight, Wimbledon was wonby Richard Narrow and Ashley Cooper. The first Lego was made on the twentyof January, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight. And finally, wewill leave you with the most popular song from one thousand nine hundred and fiftyeight at the hop by Danny and the junior's. Thanks for listening to stop, a name a stroll it at the...

...hop block, when about to startspinning utrals. When the chicken at the hop block do Dan, let's goto that's baby's baby. That's well, let's go really stop. where theJoss all cats. Let's go, let's go to let's go to all,let's go. Do the scroll. When the Rack Start Spinning, to onethe chicken out the hot let's go, let's go, let's go, let'sgo. Thank you, Sean, Harry,...

Jessica and Miss Cook for some fasteninghistory. No, no, for some music from one thousand nine hundredand fifty let's kick things off with recky Neilson number with parolel Phil. Iused to lay around the hearts hasten and my car, but when I metthat little girl, I do that. I would fall. Poor little food. Oh yeah, I was a food. She play tease me with their carefree, devil lies. She hold me close and kiss me, but herheart was full of lies. Poor little food. Oh yeah, I wasa fool. She told me how she cared for me, that we neverpart it's over. The very first time, I gave away my heart, poorlittle food. Oh yeah, the food. The next day and shewas gone. She lied to me,...

...she left me when the broken heartwon her victory word. Oh yeah, I was what. I've played thisgame without hearts, but I never thought I'd seen the day when someone elsewould play foolish game with me. Oh yeah, I was a fool.Oh yeah, never tuning, meal, Ref night, school, trump,school, jam, go, go, Jack, go, go, Jam, go, Go Jack, go,...

...go, go, go, JackGo. On a final song. It's the King Elvis, probably Presley,with hard headed women from the film King Creole. Oh well, a hardheaded won't so taught in man, but call the trouble lovers and so upagain to listen out of me. I don't let me get you messing.Run that. I'LL DRINK LA LA tar O. Keep you caught them pickingfingers. I'm my co laugh about a...

...king who was doing swell started playingwith that evil gazle below who was doing well. Let's started playing with thatevil gentle Bella. Now. Last week we had requests from beach. Wouldcare home holds you out and thanks again for your continued support, Daniel.Other any more requests this week? Why, of course, there is imaging.Can we play song from Rita Murray, who is in the summerly house inCobridge. Lots of love from airy and all of the Murray and Florencefamily here's talk to me, talk to me by Little Willie Joan. Talkto me, talk to me. You Talk to me, talk to mein your own sweeting away, let me hear. Tell me, tell meso, talk to me, talk to... Tell me what I wantto know. The many ways you speak of love. I've but it's anso good every time. Please said the part just once more. I'm soglad. Talk to me, talk to me, hold me, cloy,whisper, Talk Baby. Can't you see Ding night? I love the song, but it's so good every time. The Part I love just wants more. I'm so glad only whist below. Let's talk, I love. Thankyou so much for drinking, since bolly... part of her show. Emailthe school at birth apart, KHSP PKSE DOT Gov. don't you K ortwists at birth apart time. Thank you Miss Cook and her Amazing Primary School, People's and for myself, Daniel Mason and right. Goodbye.

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