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Spotlight Episode 2


Presented by Daniel, Imogen, Mason and Ryan.

First aired: 20/02/21

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Here comes the music spotlight with Imagen, Daniel Mason and Ryan. Good Day and welcome to this episode of spotlight, brought to you by birth apart high school. This is spotlight, theshow that dells into the past to see what happens in our particular year.Today we're going to look at the year nineteen fifty five. I'm yet againjoined by Daniel Mason at with our amazing researcher behind the scenes, Ryan.So, Daniel, what have you got to tell us about the year nineteenfifty five? Well, Scotland kicked off the year with what people refer toas the great frieze. They experienced very similar weather as we are now,with snow and ice paving the streets. Many roads were blocked off by thesnow. The Royal Air Force worked tirelessly to get food and medical supplies tothe worst affected areas. As well as this, there was now an electionin one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. This was, in fact, thelast time a most of Scottish MP's were from the Conservative Party. Thatwas seventy six years ago. Since then we have been mostly labor and,more recently, SMP. Once upon a time there was a blond and Iused to spend a fortune with my hair dresser. Then I married him.blonded yourself, you did. One day, did yourself a packet of wooden hymph. Wouldn't even faced. Wouldn't even he said, it's a new kindof hair lightner. It's got four fine pale shades to choose from. It'seven got a thing to put it on with. So I did it allby myself. Look out, I said,...

I might divorce you when you've gotwooden him. Who needs a hair dresser for Raspan? Interestingly, inone thousand nine hundred and fifty five, the score of call final there throughoutschool, wherever you were, just as long as you had a TV,you can watch call fern. It was a one, one drop between Clydea sea and Selta. Let Me Move Bet Celtic one in the replay.Yes, Celtin one. The roof, I wonder, comes big fly withexotic big FRY Kish Delight, full of big fire eastern rocks, big FRYTurkish delight. Let's go back to the world of politics. In one thousandnine hundred and fifty five, then prime minister stir Winston Churchill suffered a seriesof strokes. His illness forced his resonation. After his resonation, people were concernedabout the prime minister because of his excessive drinking and smoking. Despite thenumerous health complications, the war hero held on for another ten years. Too. Fantastic scientists slightly left. One thousand nine hundred and fifty five. Allrain saying who passed through in New Jersey and the US and scored inevere AlexanderFleming. Fleming saved countless lives with the invention of Pencil and he was bornand bred in ear show time for music from one thousand nine hundred and fiftyfive. Lets Tak things off of rock around the clock by Bill Haley andhis comments. Bill Haley and his comments. One. Two, three o'clock,four o'clock rock that's at seven o'clock, eight o'clock, rock turn, eleveno'clock, twelve o'clock, rock on...

...a rock around the block tonight.What is the flock when the Times six and seven will start clock around?Much Mellano on the yellow rules of Texas.

There's a yellow rose and Texas thatI am gonna see. Nobody'll miss her. She cried so when Ileft her like the broke my heart, and if I ever find her,we never more apart. She's bet US little roll but Texas diamonds. Theyspot the light where the Rio Gran is falling, and starry skies. Allright, she walks along the river in the ciant s sum. I knowthat she remembers. When we parted long ago, I promised to return andnot to leave her home. Jesus be as lettle rock, but that Texassad, eyes as they spark a life. You talk about your clan and financinga prosy, but the yellow rolls of Texas is the only girl.Oh No, I'm gonna find her what... heart is. Ball we willdo the things together we did so long ago. We'll play the Banjo gaily. Still love me life before, and the Yellow Rolls of Texas shall bemy for Jesus feet as little rolls, but that Texas said, her eyesout bright as dimonds. They spark a life. Ballue. Wait and Johns, please, brings yourself for the ballot of David Crockettes by bill his DavyDavy Crocket, King of the wild runte orn on the mountain top and Tennesseethe green estate in the land of the free. Raised in the woods's anewwherever tree and killed timber bar when he was only three. Davy Davy Crocketts, the king on the wild fronte I, fought single handed through the engine wartill the creeks is whipped. The piece wasn't store and while he washandling his risk, get your he made hself a legend forevermore. Davy DavyCrocketts, King of the wild Fronte. When he lost his love, hisgrief was gone in his heart. He wanted to leave it all and losehis self in the fourests. Tall body...

...answered and stays. His country's calledDavy Davey Crockett, the choice of the whole frontee. He went off theCongress and served the spell fixing up the government malls as well. Took overWashington, so we hear tell, and patched up the crack in the LibertyBell. Davy Day, the Crockett, serving his country well. When hecome home, his politic and done. Why the big western March should justbe gun. He packed up his gear in his trusty gun and let outthe grinning to follow the Sun. Davy Davy Crockett leading up by on.His land is biggest and his land is best. From the Grassy Plains tothe mountain crest. He's ahead of us all. I'm meeting the test andfollowing his legend ride into the West. Davy, Davy Crockett, the kingof the wild Fronte of the one from and for preper ultimate number we have. Love is splendid than by four races... It's the that Aly growthsin the earthly sprey. Love is nettre's way of giving reason to be living, the gold crown that makes a man again, if to love this kissedand the words still. Then your fingers touched my silent heart and taught ithow to say yes to love. Kissed and the words still. Then yourfingers touched my silent heart. How yes,...

...whilst we received a love for emailfrom class and Helen from beach with care home and warshaw. It reads. Good afternoon. I thought we would email to see how much the residentsof beach would care home enjoyed your podcast of your radio show. We'll haveto keep active and motivated to maintain good physical health and mental well being.And a minute we are doing football jim sessions and cheer exercises va soon.We also love a bit of clubber size good. We request New York,New York for Helen McPherson, who celebrated her eighty eight birthday today. We'revery much looking forward to your next show, Mason Daniel. Can we make thishappen? Absolutely. Many happy returns to you, Helen, from allof us here at Bertha Park High School. What good genie. Your Watch ismy command. This is for Helen McPherson and beach rude care home andjoins Frank Sinatra in New York, New York, start spreading the new.I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it. New York, new your these black of bum shoes,...

...our longing to stray right through thevery heart of it. New York, New York. I want to wakeup in a city that doesn't sleep, and I'm taking a hill top ofthe heap. These little town blue are melting away. I'll make anew start of it. In all, if I can make it there,I'll make it anyway. It's on to you, new I want to wakeup in a city that never sleeps, and fine, I'm a number one, top of the list. King of the hill these little time blue gonnamake a friend new start of it New...

York. If I can make itthere, I'm gonna make it anywhere it. It's up to you. Thanks forjoining us on spotlight. Today we look at the Yr one thousand ninehundred and fifty five. If you have a year you would like us toresearch, please let us know on the podcast page on our school's website.It's the same place you picked up this broadcast from. You can also writeto us at birth apart kis school, Adams Avenue Path, Ph one tha. you. We will be happy to include this Tim Future episode.Maybe you'd like to hear a special song or getting mentioned on the radio.Don't forget that every care home in Scotland receives our broadcast, so this isideal. If you have a message to send out, please get in touchby filling in the same form on our website or drop us a note inthe post. Again, all details are on the radio page on our website. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon. From myself, Imagen,Daniel Mason and Ryan. Cheerios,.

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