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Spotlight Episode 2


Presented by Daniel, Imogen, Mason and Ryan.

First aired: 20/02/21

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Here comes the music spotlight with emagon Daniel meason andRyan r good day, and welcome to this episode to spot like brought to you byBertha Part Kisco. This is spotlight the Sur that dells into the past to seewhat happens in a particular year. Today we're going to look at th ere,one thousand nine hundred and fifty five. I am yet again driwned by DanielMaton, at with our amazing researcher, behind the Senes Ryam so Daniel. Whathave you got to tell us about the R one thousand nine hundred and fifty five?Will Scotland kicked off the year with what people refer to as Tho greatfreeze? They experienced very similar weather, as we are now with snow andice, paving the streets, many roads were blocked off by the snow. The RoyalAir Force worked tirelessly to get food and medical supplies to the worsteffected areas as well. As this, there was nown election in one thouand, ninehundred and fifty five. This was in fact the last time a mostof Scottish MPs were from the Conservative Party. That was seventysix years ago. Since then, we have been mostly labor and more recently SNP.Once upon a time there was a blond and I used to spend a fortune with myheirdresser. I married Londid Yourself. You did one there get yourself a packet of mornning, whal, yoisaid woud him. He said it's a new kind ofhair like tat. Wit've got four fine pale shades to choose from it even gota thing to put it on with so I did it. Oh by myself, look out. I said...

I might divorce you when you wot uld't him who need to Hatresse Fra. Interestingly,in one thousand nine hundred and fty five, the SCOL called final therethrougt Scolan, wherever you werk, just as long as you had a TV ou co watch aCOFO. There was a one one draw between clay, RC and Selt it. Let me Bet Celtic one in the replay. Yes, Il thinkon the refway. Wonder Becaus are coming BYCOMI. Try withexotic big Fride toguiss delight fol lovebig FRY euston runs big FRY Turkishdelight. Let's go back to the world of politicsin one thousand nine hundred and fifty five, then prime ministr stir winsdonchurchal suffered a series of strokes. His illness forced his resonation afterhis resonation people were concerned about the prime minister because of hisexcessive drinking and smoking. Despite the numerous health complications, thewar hero held on for another ten years, two fantastic scientists, sidly left usTsnineteen, fifty five ill Rio Sayng, who passed away New Jersey in the US onSCORC intever, Aleander, floming flaming saved countless lays with theinvention of pencilin. He was born and bred in Erfar Tha, U music from onethousand nine hundred and fifty five West tank things off with rocker underclock by Bell Haley and his comments Bill Hayley and his comics on two three o'clock: Four o'clock RockConsent: seven o'clock, then o'clock rock ten eleven o'clock, twelve o'clockrock we're going O rock...

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...rules of Texas. That's I gotalot roles in Texas that Iam gone to see nobody s mis her. She crid O Weni l like the broad mar an we, never O. Apar, SES liloe j Sa o ro,the Wheheis foenand stares, guys rihshewalks along the river in Efi. I know that sery eer harden long ago. Ipromised to readto and bt your AAn Financin, a the only Gu.

Oh now, I'm Gon a fier Bo. My hearts. We ogthere, I so lonwell play the BantoGameleumpn, Ladin Gen, please brace yourself forthe Ballod of David Coquett by bell his Davdaroke Okin nothe Wi, run to o on e mountain top Tennesee. The greenis steped in the land of the free raised in the wood SOS a new weverTreeta Gilt Tim Mabar, when Hee was only three babybepoe cane on the wildfronttee single and through the engine war tillthe creeks s whipped. The peace wasn't stor a while. He was handling thisrisky jor. He made hisself rlegend forevermore Tane Crocke, ing o theWhile Ront when hit lost his love. His grief wasgone in his heart. He wanted to leave it all and lose hisself in the FORIStall buy anterast Isis countryes called...

...dabydaye ro the choice of the wholefront Te. He went off Te Congress and served aspell fixing up the government ind Mars as well to go te Washington, so we heretell and batch Um te crack in the Liberty Bel Gabe day the crocketservein his country. Well, when he come home his politic and donewhy the big western March should just be gun. He packed up his gear in histrusty gun and lit out the Grinin to follow the Sun. DABYDA Mbe Crocketlynoginhis line is biggest in his land. His mist from Grassy playings to themountain crest he's ahead of us, Aa Eein the test and following is legendRidingto, the West Gabyda crocodiethe King of the wild front, teen of the WiFIFOR ppronultimate number we have love, is splendid thing by his foraces s. A Ma is PLA.

Is Theo Thatthe tron in the earlis Brid oers Natis Waof, giving reason to the living hegorown that make AAn Ukan n Thebo tolothis kiss and the wor the I then your Tine touched, my silen oodhoSS AD is Laa the WO. Let's e, then your tingers Tich, my silence.

PATY oeslaste received a lovely email fromclassen helen from Beechword, CERHOM and Warshep at red good afternoon. I thought we wouldemail to see how much the residence of Bechwoud carhom enjoyed. Your podcastof your arial show. Wel Live to keep active and motorfited dimiting goodphysical health and mental wellbeing. At the minute we are doing football,Jim sessions and TRU exercises via soon wee also of a bit of cuobesize Coud. Werequest New York New York for Helle McPherson, who celebrated her eighteeinth birthday. Today we're very much looking forward to your next shaw.MAZON Daniel. Can we make this happen? Absolutely many happy returns to you,Helen from all of us here at Brerth Park, high school, like a Jiny. Your wish is my command.This is for Helen mcphurson and Beachard Kerho and joins frank. An Atrain New York New York start spreading the new I'm leaving today. I want to be part of it. New Yorenewyour...

...he's Bak Amo, ISSOE arlondestray right through the very hard oit noarLya aawaom in a citythat. Doesn't sleep an find ine hill ta bout, the he thes little town blue melving away new star of it, you Knowif, I can Takin Tei'l make anyu iwant to Wak um in a city that neversleep and fin. I A number one: The listan Ove hillthe little child Blu...

...gonna, make Ao Starifi, I'm Gono Mak it's up to youthanks for joining us onspotlight. Today, Wil Look Tothe R, one thousand nine hundred and fifty five.If you have a year, you would like us to research, please let us know on thepodcast page on a skirls website. It's the same place you picked up thisbroadcast from. You can also write to us at Bertha,parkcight, schoot Adams, avenue PARTHP huge one Zo Ayoa. We will be happy toUNCO istant future episode, maybe plike, to hear a special song or get a mentionon the radio. Don't forget that every care hom in Scotland receives ourbroadcast. So this is an idea. If you have a message to send doubt, pleaseget in touch wi filling in the same form on our website. Er drop us a nowin the post. Again, all details are on the radio page on our website. We arelooking forward to hearing from you, son for myself, imagan Daniel Mason andRyan Chirio.

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