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Bob's Big Broadcast Episode 1


Robert interviews Blair Parham, conductor of the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra.

First aired: 25/02/21

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Bob The broadcast ir the part Ie. Ladies and gentlemen, boys Wi the treatfor you today. I am here with the conduction of the Scottish FiddleOrchestra Blair Param. Thank you, Robert proviting me along to speakabout these Scottish Fidlorcischa our pleasure. First of all, you shouldgive us some little back story to the SFOL sure the SFR began in the lates early sback in the SS there used to be what's called fiddler's rallies, which are bitkind of gathering to Fitale players to...

...keep together to play some some chunsto audiences and Rihtar, one thousand nine tundred and seventy nine JohnMason, who founded the ORCHESTA and a few others got together. I decidd to doto Makea a national orchestra, O these felliws rallies and so one thousnd,nine hundred and eighty, they actually officially formed and they played thefirst concert in Aberdin in the music call an Aberdin in March, one thousandnine hundred and eighty. Since then we played concent Ollover, Scotland and beyond every we play in the Royal Consa Holein Glasgow and the Usha Holl an edbug and the music call Nambertin and path.Corter Hall we used to play in dg one and TM frees purt it close down a fewyears ago Ho to go back. We ar fairly student O nd. We normally play once youget a major ban new down in England previous years used to be the AlbertHall in London. We've also played the sage gates head a York, Barbrican andother big theaters and contrar holes... that, and occasionally we dotravel overseas. We've been to island, Canada, Australia,a New Zealand, China and Otman Shat Land, if Theca as overseas.But if yeah we get, we get Aroan to ve, wee it, but yeah, there's no about honehundred or ORT people ID lettle over a hundred people on h, orchust Ja, yeah wicus been going less, you go lastyear, wbut HBEEN, a fourtieth, anniversaty and butfortunately. Ofcourse we had to have perspornd all our celebrations, but then that's thehistoty of thes at all. Thank you Wy. What would you say is thebest thing about being the conductor of the SFO, the begest thing about being theconductor. That's a tough question. I probalycy having absolute poweroreverbody Kno. I am you know, it's great just being able to stand in fontof everyone and have everyone's trust and yeah. Gettinto Tokeno interact with theORCATON members and also the audiences...

...who come to concerts and a bit of laugh, outfront, yeahis, quite a good fun being theperson who waves a white stick in front of everyone and getting them to followyou. Of course, it comes a bbit of pressure,make sure everything Gos right but Nanto an point they percent of the time.It does, of course, as things we always have towork going to improve ourselves for it lot of fun kind, ofesac quit ar an Oloto be the person that gets to stand up and ifect the orchestra and be theconductor and actually joined the Orchetra nd. When I was eighteen M as achillist, so I played chill and them yeah. I kindhafe started learning how to conduct evrybody watching and following JohnMeason, who sadly passed away in Thosanta Leven, so I took over amofficially and just after he passed the wee amd. Although I've been workingwith him for a few years before that, just kind of getting... can be shortin the rops and whatwhat it takes and yeah it's a lot of fun. Meing ther, as I say, Bein theconduct of the TSFOR. Now to my understanding, the ScotishIDL Orchestra has tored to the world. What would you say is the most excitingplace you've ever performed in the most exciting place? Thatis a greatquestion. I would have to see if my parsal pointof view playing in China geing to play in some amazing theatersover in China, because obviously we kand of I like Ian- We cand speakminder,Hem and Te- had have translators, but it was. It was really IncreativeleGamng to play Scottish music over there have other places, thoughAdioksha has played, which been exciting. As I said, the Alber holedand an London as a more world famous ND theynew, we've also played in the Sytney OperaHouse, said the Australia, which was...

...very special andin. The venues and Scotland or meanthe Asha holes are fantastic PLA, sizes, theire, all consol in Glascol, by very special concety. We playedactually was in Seing, my Saint Magmess Cathedral in curall in Boruccney Thagu,that so I was a bity exciting place to play so Yeh Ben, I we've been very, verylucky and the eniens that we play them or each of got their there they'reexciting parts, but you for me personally, I would have to see some of the places in China staying onthe topic of performing in exciting places. Where would you like theorchestra to perform in the future? I would love for the Orccher to get togo back to the alcohol. Actually, I know we've played theater before, butwe've not played there for about seventeen years or so so I loveto go bat. The Alber Hall, the places we've never played before...

...there's one very veny, very famousconte hole in New York called Carmiki hole which o all the great octtions of theworld played. We were very close one year to Getin togo there, but then, fortunately it didn't quit happen. What tde we ever get to call that Idon't know, but if that's when one place the ear, some some billen venues andplaces all over all over the world and it's hard to put its hard to to put offmy finger on it. Even someone in Scotland, or somewhere, like like skyfor example, and Ne York, should never actually peen ti disgy to portre insome smaller venues. So equally as fun, so perhaps im somewhere a bit closer tohome might be a great place to Co. Togotty lockdown has affected everymusic group and pretty much everything else and orchestras need to regularlypractice. How did the SFFULL practice during thelockdouts,... everybody else practicing, hasbeen very hard as a group during all these locktomes? Obviously, everyonepractices themselves, Inor Houses, Anove, But yeure get ing.The group toget Har t platist has been icreatibly difficult. We have tried ayew presume rehaursals, but really that's just a case of me playing somemusic, an the laptop well look at we're. Locky we've go lots of recorded albumsand CDs and Youtube clips that we can play and have everyone play along to ut.Getting everyone to play together. Obvoucses is very, very difficult witht the way he wifi and broadband and the speeds of lagging Eceta so itsdifficult. So what ends up happening is yet. I just play play atrack Hin, mycomputer, everyone's a mute, and they play themselves along to o to the Chinsat they're healing. I guess they get to see. Everyone andther'll be ther, be squares and thes zoom call, but it looll goot to heareveryone. Sowe cannot wait to get back together. MIS, hopefully won't be toolong, but yeah to get back together and...

...then playachin, because we reallyreally really miss making music together. Your Orchestra is absolutely amazing,and I have no doubt that our listeners would like to listen to more of yourorchagtas work where and how can they do that? The base place to hear more music fromthe Scotch Fiddlor obst asvr website, what you can find that they sav fortoot or dot UK theres links to albums thea and there's theres. Obviously youcan find some some clips on Youtube, find that albums I beablean I tinsanamas and music and other places like that, but yeah. Of course, if you won't CallinParisan, once everyone is allowed to, then a e shave to check the website.EERE can shatit's happening every so often beer. I guess the website would be ha fishplace to go.

Unfortunately, Mr Palm, that is all thetime that we have today thanks you for coming on the show. Can I see a big thank you to everyoneinvolved at Beathte Park High School video for inviting me along to saysomething about the Scott Filork just been a privilege. Speaking to you- andI hope you listeners have enjoyed af what they'e hard thanks. If you would like to listen to somemore of the sfos music, you can do so over at their website. SFO! Don't work!Douch Ou k before we in the show we by special treat for you all we're goingto play a marched, tracpe and reel by J Scott Skinner played by the SFO. Themarchis called Scott Skinner's. Compliments to dtr McDonald. The stressplay is the layard of the drumblar and the real is Davy work. Once again,thank you to Mister Param for today's interview, and we will now leave youwith the music I have just mentioned. Enjoy.

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