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Football Memories Episode 1


Charlie and Tommy discuss fottball with Kaiya, Millie, Grace and Imogen. Recorded by Patrick.

Welcome to the first in a veryspecial podcast at Bertha Park High School. You might hear some googling in thebackground. That's because Kaya has it's just bumped ahead off the microphone before we'veeven started. But that's fine. It's put us on a gay clean boots. So joining us we've got Kat from birth of Bark High School. We'vegot Kaya, we've got grace, we've got imaging, we've got millie andon the desk we've got Patrick working this magic with the technical side of things. And joining us from Football Memories, which is works with saints in thecommunity, we've got Tommy and Charlie. Today we're going to be talking aboutwhat football was like when they used to go and watch it. We're goingto talk about what the footballs like now compared it. What do we messwhat we wish was still around. They might even tell us some stories aboutthings that that we wouldn't even think about, like greating a football club. Doany you guys know about getting a football club? No worries, you'regoing to learn something pretty cool today. But before we get going, likeI said, we've got Tommy and Charlie here from football memories and we're goingto get Tommy just to tell us a little bit, just briefly, aboutwhat football memories is all about and how it helps a lot of people.Hey, football memories is something that was set up about five years ago.Challenge, I think, yeah, maybe a bit more, and it's somethingthat a happens all over Scotland, but within the seats, in the community, we have regular set well before covid we had regular sessions with about eatto ten people with various illnesses and also just people that wanted to come alongand chat. And what we do is we run through, as it says, for what memories where we have maybe I set a cards were players fromthe S S and we cannot get them to go through and talk to themabout the players themselves and memories that they have about these players. And oneof the things that we exercises that we do is to cannot pick a teamfrom those cars, the sets of cars that we have, and get themto argue amongst themselves about which players should be in and what the cars comealong with them. And a lot of the feedback that we get from thecars is that some of these people have got dementia and it really helps thembecause the can can remember these things, and it did. Can I youcan see them starting to get a like excited about and chat you about it, where as a lot of the time they just sit there and then nota can of getting involved in conversations and that, and the football maybey certainlyhelps me that. So are very worthwhile in a very valuable service that we'vegot there. So what we're going to do is we're going to talk abouta little bit about you set Johnston, okay, because there's quite a fewset Johnston fans here. He actually most of us. It's in Johnston fans, okay, but it's an open discussion about football, so it doesn't haveto be about set Johnston. Okay. So I'm going to start with andwho is at the in Johnston Game Against Save Medon the other day, right, so putting up their hand, we got millie imaging and Kaya and alsoCharlie Millie. What was your take on the game? I thought we've playedwell in the first half, but we are all getting kind of tired inthe second half. I think we needed to make some subs but we didn't. All right, so you're criticizing can Davidson's A. Yes, sorry,that's sorry. Guys. I'm sure you would have tried things a little bitdifferently Kaya what we should take on the game. You've been to a fewgames, is that right? Yes, this your first season going to thefootball and no, no, this is your second, third, fourth.I was count dark one. So it sounds like little. But then when, like the pandemic first hurt, we...

...kind of stopped. But then we'vebeen to every game like since, like from this season. That's good asget. And did you go to the Galla Tassa I game? Yeah,that was some atmosphere, wasn't it? Yeah, so we've got a coupleof different eras here of when people went to the football. So we gotpeople that have not been going quite long. We've got when my cell if Istarted going to see St Johnston, when I was about I must havebeen a level. Well, I went when I was about seven or eight. My Dad asked Jeff Brown to join see Johnston. That's my claim tofame that my dad was the person that went up to that chairman said,Mr Brown, do you want to come on boards? We need you,which is quite cool. And then the rest of the history so I startedgoing since then and then when I was about twelve I used to go andsometimes you would get your get about six thousand seven thousand easily every week inthe S and we're in the first division, so one division below is what's calledthe championship. Now now we're in the premier we don't get as manypeople going right now. Charlie, any reason why the numbers have kind ofgone down? Well, it could be a few reasons for that. Firstly, the cost, I think, the relative course to go in the footballmatches now, the s of the course, you a couple of quid to getin. Now it's a lot more expensive, although, to be fairto a lot of teams that are trying to encourage people go along with family. You know, young kids get along for much cheaper, for nothing.There's a lot of alternatives. People want different websites, different computer games,different then I see may be more comfortable things to do. I think peoplealso they do along and support something that's winning. And if your team's nowinning and a lot of for then to go along and support the FO bollsyou didn't want to be associated with will lose users. He's just have tolook at the people that support teams which are a long way away from birth. Yeah, Barcelona and places like that, but that's people's choice. Yeah,I know, apute. There's a variety of reasons why these things havehappened. You kind of just blame people for I think that are it's we'llget greater choice. Now it days as well. Tom It's only Charlie's talkingabout the cost of football. Nine, it's kind of gone up. Yeah, so when you are sixteen, could you afford to go to the footballquite easily? Oh, yeah, so it's definitely skyrocketed. It was.Yeah, I mean you didn't think anything about paying for going to watch twoteams that you didn't even really support because it was so cheap to go.But no's it's a lot of money to pay. Plus, I think you'vegot white TV. Coverage is a lot better than it used to be andyou've got all the premiership games on and there's actually games on at the sametime as maybe seats are playing. There's games on TV. So a lotof people who certain house and Watch on TV rather than go to the Games. But but of course there's definitely going through the roof, even the canof course the pays and things like that. You know, I mean I don'tknow, but I've been here game for a while. But if youcount the entrance fee and all the other bits and pieces are in the boutit, it's so a lot of money. Yeah, compared with five plains forthe park in your car. Yeah, three point for a program yeah,yeah, no, no, it'sn't it. Yeah, it don't.The football in general is expensive, but like you said earlier that the saintsare trying to combat that a little bit by getting a family and for free. Yeah, I think there's a know we in this cert the need todo someone about, of course, because if you look at over in thecorn and like Germany and places like that, the relative course the Games is alot cheaper. All Right, okay, and yeah, and if you watchthe budess league you'll see that the fool of people are yeah, andwhich is quite good. So imagine. How did you get into watching thesaints? Well, when I was younger,... dad started taking me to gameswhen I was about five to about seven and I stopped for quite awhile because I kind of got bored of a for going to gymnastics dance.But sorry, the season. I've quite enjoyed it a lot more with knowingthe players and how like starting to know how premierships and cups and that work. Yeah, no, absolutely. I mean one one thing. I lovegoing to the football see how many folk from birth the park high score theirsupporting and which is absolutely great. And I could give you a bit twentyfive people's names and say wow, they go to the school and I seehim at the football all the time. It Millie. How did you andkind of start going? Because your sister's obviously so how did you too startgoing football? Probably because, like our parents just to go and there's justI don't know. Well, yeah, our fair I used to go andthey kind of brought us along and then we started playing football ourselves and we'relike all that school and then I went one week to watch it to,you know, learn what frowns and stuff work, and I's like got Igot addicted to its very, very addictive. That's good. Even if we're notwinning, it's still quite a good yeah, and we get to showa lot. Yeah, that's good. It's sure fans. She was atthe Galafassa a game. Okay, so I yeah, it was a handsgoing up right now and can you describe the experience, Kaya? What wasit like when you were there? For you it was just amazing, likethere was so many sins, fans and like the stadium was like packed andjust the atmosphere, even like when, even if since weren't scoring at weren'tplaying their best, like the fans were still cheering them on and it wasjust amazing. You know that. That was great, Charlie, being ascene ty, what was it like seeing since play Galatassa? I? Well, the probably the best team I've ever seen Saint Johnson actually playing, certainlyon paper anyway, and the abilities that these lads had to control the ball, to see a pass, to close people down, was was quite admirable. There quite cynical at times and I don't like to see that and them, I'm sure nobody likes to see that. But you know, nothing pleased inthe referee whenever he gives something against them. Inevitably that was complaints andthose there's a lot of things when on bind that I freeze back that youmay have done a bit more, a bit but class, class team andif you look at who they're getting on in Europe just now, you cansee the build actually hard with him. My memory of the Garta sorry game, like the girls, was the atmosphere that was there and I think alsothe fact that that was the first game after the covid restrictions had been lifted. So you got a huge amount of people and it was almost as ifthey were so pleased to be together on a body and night that that helpedthings as well, I think. Yeah, don't it was. It was electric. From what I was saying, it was. It was just Iwas sitting in the main stand, we in the east end of the menknow I was deported somewhere else, all right. Yeah, yeah, no, I can't imagine. So you don't range is fun, Tommy, alot of us haven't. I'm sorry to bring up the subject down. It'sactually quite interesting. So it's a huge rivalry between reasons and Celt like,which we all know about. Yeah, and what was that like as ateenager going to an old firm matcham because from what I've seen in the archivesit was, you know, it three times as many people there. Yeah, I never actually went to Lee game because I played football then. Soyou know, that was that. But when a couple of cup finals andthe atmosphere. It's not a good atmosphere and it's quite a what poisonous?Poison this atmosphere, which I don't think it's got to be bitty better,but I don't think he's got a lot better. And so in that respectthey yeah, it was a late take. Yeah, it was. It wasa few run amongst. It was a good feeling, but when youwent back and thought about it, that...

...was quite poisonous. Yeah, soI think it lived in Perth. So are your travels to the Glassgow forthe matches? Yeah, yeah, and would you wear your rangers top onthe bus side? Another other war talks. I just felt football talks were forplaying football and yeah, not know for wearing then the stud and thenumber of people that you see going on, holdy, wait, I'm going on, holidy. If you know the reason why people were strips is justin case that there's someone gets injured. Hold Up, and they need tosee who the genuine fans are and they're like wait, that person's when thekit will get him on that. That's actually talking about the Galatizer a gamewhen I was standing say quen up to get in. This guy was infront of me and I started speaking to him and he he pulled his jersey, he's jumper up, and then he had a galatizer atop one. SoI said, Luk, you better cover that up me you're just not goingto get in. And we've got started talking and ended up that I usedto play football. He's son in law. He sorry, his father in law. It's just talk, coincidence, but this guy was talkiss and hewas now staying and paired and he thought it could go along at the gameand just got to take it anywhere and take his jumper off and have he'sscarlet atter a top. They did so the girls. Did you remember howhard it was to get a ticket for a LOT OF FANS? For Yeah, like a week. I remembering cat and me and Carl found that wereactually it was to go and kind of scheme Solo. That actual thought Iwas never going to be able to hear anything again in my life. Sowe had to find someone who had a season ticket and then they had upto ten, yeah, ten friends they could bring along. I think that'swhat we did with makes. I have a season ticket. I think theymanage to bring a few of my friends and then my family with it.Hmm, absolutely, so grace. You love playing football, you're obsessed withit, which is great, and you support English team, which is absolutelywhich is absolutely fine, and it's that Liverpool, Liverpool, and what's soattractive about Liverpool? And well, like my most my family support so I'vekind of been like brought up on them and like my Granddad's supported it sincehe was since he was younger, so it's kind of being brought up sinceI've been watching football since seven maybe, and then I joined for a teamwhen I was four years ago. I can't remember whyage I was, butyeah, when I start, when I started to watch it, I waslike, oh, that looks kind of like good, so I might justgive it a go. And then my mom and my grandma surprised me manageto get like like a booking for Jean field. So then I joined andthen I was in the higher team. Right now, I'll players live inthe side, and then I was really good, but then I had tomove down because they are all hard to move up because I was obviously tooyoung. So then I moved down and then I've got like gots of friendsbecause I was like kind of nervous to move down because obviously I didn't knowanybody, but now I know everybody. That's good, that's get so we'vegotten from how did you like Liverpool to talking about gene field. I totallyget where your cut because they're both very similar teams, very good. Sohave you always agrees with when you've supported Liverpool? You've always just seen themas being like a really dominant team and if you see they me the topfive teams, Liverpool will be up there in the top five teams that footwould see. Charlie is Liverpool always been up that way up yeah, Pollardand but I became interested in football in the s. They were a top, top team and through the s and the s minutes. Still think they'llprobably one more European cops in any other team in Britain. told me tokeep me writing that one. Yeah, the four or five and they werereally top. But then they went through a time until the one the EnglishPremiership two years ago. It was two years ago, wasn't there? Yeah, the one. That was the first...

...time they'd want it for about ten, twelve years. But there's an infinity of Liverpool with the town, withthe team. You know that's like that. A lot of people support them andI think in this is a we bit tragic and a lot always,but there's a lot of sympathy will Liverpool because there's some of the tragedies thathave been involved in and football, the one in burn, the other onein Belgium, in the one and Sheffield, and it's it's funny how people areattracted to these sort of institutions from a sympathetic point of yeah, butthose that don't know, can you thoughts? And the Belgian tragedy that was inthe underlys ground. That was a crowd surge, if I remember correctly. I told you'll keep me right. Without I was the chumpions because eventas they were playing and they ended up there was a Liberpool fans fighting theevent as fans, all right, and a lot of the event as fanskilled. I think the ground wasn't the best. It was an old groundand there were problems with the ground, but it started off with the twosets of fans canna falling out each other. All right, okay, and Englishfootball actually suffered a lot from that because of a band from Europe forabout four years. Yeah, and I was seen as a sort of punishment. But a lot of things happened in there were also fires and various footballgrounds and yeah, things like that, and people quite rightly looked at makingsure that football grounds were safer because some of them were quite frightening to go, just the movement of the crowds, particularly at the end of games,and that if alcohol was involved, that was an issue as well. Yeah, I think Yam Bradfoot and Bradford say they had a really bad fire andthe scary thing about that was the mutant part used to be a bit likewhat Hadford was. So I since hadn't moved up to McDermott, then thethe main standard mutant. You were obviously I was. I was weeping.I went I you know, it was like, yeah, is that?It's all weird. So, I mean not needed with and you're going tosmoking the stadiums. All right, okay, so it's kind of a miraculous thatnothing. Yeah, yeah, it's terrible happened. Yeah, okay,I've got to fuck a question on two the girls here and safe standing isin the news this week. Don't if you saw that, how do youfeel about it? Would you be up for doing it? Are you areyou kind of like no, I want to sit down and enjoy the thethe football and comfort. Would you be up for standing? Kaya well,last almost of the time, to be honest. You Watch. Shouldn't bestanding. That's shocking, terrible. I'm gonna report you. No, no, no, fut I totally understand. It's same. Yeah, yeah,and we're where you set as where I sat for about ten years until Iwent to the main stand as. In that rate, that either you're inand I always wanted to stand up. And what would happen is about sevenroads in front of me, the doll stand up, but if I stoodup I would then block the person behind me and they wouldn't stand up.So it kind of stopped at me and then I couldn't see. So kindof after you know, start up and then the people behind me with complaintand you need to sit down and said, I can't see anyway. But yeah, so you'd be up for the safe standing? I guess what yousaid. You stand anyway, so you might it still do it safely,Kia emating. You up for the safe standing or you? I would rathersit down. I've probably doing both by I'd probably join with the safe standand it's a better atmosphere when you stand. You joining with a lot more ofthe chatting. I don't know if they're going to put a barrier upand keep the seats there, so if you do want to sit down youcan. I think that's what they've done it where most grounds where has beensafe standing, they've got can a barriers right behind the seats. Are Rightokay. So because I think, and again going back to the budess league, I think he had a way all back and for for European Games youhad to be certain. So they are okay. It's gonna seats where youcould have a r both. I mean if you do sit down, theneveryone's going to be standing up. You might as well stand up because youwon't be able to see. This is all right, okay with you thinkMelle up for the safe standing a your seat person, I don't mind becauseI stand up a lot anyway and if there's someone behind me that doesn't wantme to stand up, huds gone set... on the stairs and bump thatset, but stand on the absolutely and the grace of us to go andwatch Liverpool. Would you rather stand there with you be a seat kind ofperson and probably, like my legs are, probably get tired, but if I'mprobably probably stand to probably have to sit down for two minutes and thenget back up. The atmosphere was definitely a lot better. We're standing,but I mean you're talking about bigger croudes as well, but the I meanyou don't have about a galatizer a game. I mean that was great, butI think if that had been in a stadium where everybody was standing,the atmosphere have been amazing. Hmm, absolutely, but from my safety perspective, yeah, can understand. Definitely has been in crushes again, you mustbe panic and to go. Yeah, I mean you mean? I waswatching a program today. Actually they were want to be a Hampden and thea couple of games was a hundred and forty sevenzero people and she's I've beenthere when there's been a hundred thirty and you're like that so good. That'sjust over to Celtic parks, to be perspective, so huge. Yeah,imagine to Celtic parks full of people, people. It's like the Scotland gamethat was so busy. Where was that? So we went to this mean milliewent to the Scotland game and when we won three to the last minutegoal and it was like the atmosphere was amazing, but there was so manypeople which made it like a lot. where it was. It kind ofall right. I didn't realize what a people bumping into and there was quitea few people bumping into you. But when it got announced there was sixminutes extra time, like you felt like you're in this huge, like penguinhuddle and because there's so many people jump, like so many people jumped from eachwork. So it's so excited. And then when Scott mctommany got thatlast minute goal and like the curd was gone. And then I'll only feltlike you're going to get like sqush today. Imagine that times three. Is that'seffectively yet he's anythings the people. But you used to go to gamesand there didn't have any roofs understands. So you are there and like ifas a code, I was at one of an international it was like ahundred thirty thou people there and it was pouring a rain and you came outafter the end of game and it was only your shoulders that were wet becausethe restally you didn't get the rain. It was that you're that typely packed. So, yeah, it was three times as many people. So youcan imagine what else the atmosphere where it was like with these games. Yeah, no, absolutely. So we've talked a lot about football today. Whatit was like for Charlie and Tommy. What is like for you right now? Pass back row, now the pass back group. Le Y'all know thepass back rule is I think it was like one thousand nine hundred and ninetytwo. That rule came in roughly about the end, because before you couldactually just pass it back to goalie. If you're winning, pick it up. Did that happen a lot? Yeah, when you're winning. Yeah, ifyou're running, waste time. That's a great we waste times. Justkeep knocking it back to goalkeeper, right. And I mean did it just windeveryone up? Oh, yeah, and I well, the other thingis, well, goalkeepers could go any distance with the all they just well, I don't know if that was the same same real change, but whenI when I first started playing in a goalkeeper could day, could pick upthe ball and his own goal line and just bounce around and end up onthe eat yard line. Wow, and there's nothing against there was no rulesagainst that. I mean if you watch a whill clubs games, you'll seethe goalkeeper getting it like that and just beings in it. Yeah, no, absolutely, and Oh no, cause also a time limit put on itas well. Yeah, well, it's not. It's made to be sixseconds, which neither for another but if but before the either. That toldme speaking about their goalkeepers. Were keep...

...the ball bounce of all back andforward, all over the place for a minute, minutemen a half. He'sa lot. was just damless. I last season I saw the just beforecovid actually the six second really I actually saw was put in the practice ofthe damage one time and then I've never seen it since. I think theI think the refree must have got a quiet wording, as you're saying lessand you shouldn't listen. I know it's a real bit. You don't doit as it's because you know otherwise you would be booking people left, rightand center. But if they clamped down on it, then eventually the peoplewould get rid of that ball pretty quickly and it's got any other things thathave changed since you're the image as the girls substitutions. I mean you're allowedhow many? No, five, three settings. Yeah, and up tofive. Is it? I think. I think I'd like to everyone incase someone gets injured. Are So you can get the concussions? Yeah,because Michael or hallow and you like Michael Holen, don't you? Yeah,he he went off with a head injury. So I think you're allied with us. Dollar subs, but I think so. You, John, somebodybe sad for you. I know, I know you're worried about him.Yeah, okay, I'm sorry, very worried. I was very wordy.Okay, they used to be back. When what s you want? Allowedany substitution? Alto so none. Yeah, Wow, and at all decides toplay Nay Minute Games. Yeah, the I mean there was one famousCanon, a national Scotland England, and one of the Scotland players got abroken leg and had to go off and Scotland to play with ten men.Wow, just all one, just the one. Still Be England. Butyeah, there's no substitutions. They would still have, you know, overeleven people in a squad and they were just made the decision before kick coffeewas getting a start. So yeah, they would still have back up,but that was it once three o'clock came. No, go and go on.I did not know that. Not. But they also brought in the rulesand to start with the had to be for an injury. Yeah,and then what people had with somebody was near playing very well. So theywere taught to Feinn and injury and and they then brought in the rules.It could be for non injury reason. All right, okay, but thatwas sensible, but it didn't kind of move up. I went from noneto one and then one, two, two, and didn't casee suddenly jumpfrom one hundred and twenty five. I think my favorite story about that wasthe John Lamby and, who was an old manager from even when I wasyour age right, and basically he had a footballer got injured on his team. I think it was part it s. So yeah, and then the Phizziowent on. Yeah, and he's speaking to John Lamby. The managersaid I think we need get them off and I said yeah, we needto take them off. It doesn't know who he is. They says keephim back on and tell me his Pali. That's absolutely brilliant. So before we'vetalked, had a really good discussion. Last thing. We're going to talkabout? You're asking about great an IFC and you know nothing. Yeah, you know nothing. Who she it's a football team. Is a footballteam. I don't know where to start, but we'll try and will try.And so basically, Great Naw, we're down in the lower leagues ofScottish football. I think the even non league. At some point on League, the Nonleague we did and the board does league or something like that.They played in the Borders League and then a millionaire owner took them over withlots of money. So decided to basically buy the best players for the bottomtier and then they got promoted from the s. It was first, secondand third division. So we've been in the third division. They've got fournot the time, you know, I think it was free thing was justgoing to be. So they got promoted from so they got into our league'sthen they got promoted from the third. Then the next season they got promotedinto the second and then the next season they got promoted into the first division. Great an FC. So they're Vye to get into the top league rightnow. Team, not the person. The team, not the person.And being a since fan, since basically...'s the last game of the season. Since we're playing Hamilton and great and I were playing Ross County, andI since when and great and a lose, since get promoted from the first divisioninto the SPL but yeah, that's all other fingers crossed on the day. So since play Hamilton and they win. Two for two. Brilliant game.But we're all sat there, but the great the game was five minuteslater and kicking off for whatever reason. So we're all sitting and I'm sittingthere with a radio because our phones didn't have Internet at that time. Weat the game. Charlie, how was it that gave me? I sowas, I so went through a few hankies that day by I know Iwas. I was absolutely got. It, absolutely got, because we've been inthe first division championship now for quite a long time and we're listening onthe radio and we're waiting to hear what's happening and in the dying seconds greatn our score a goal. It's greedy James Grady, and I had myI throw my radio down on the ground, which had just bought from Morrison's nextdoor for forty five pounds. It cost me. I bought that.I mean, yeah, I think I just wept on the bus and theway home everyone was it was just the quiet at bus I've ever seen onthe way home and anyway. So great to get promoted into the SPL andnot. It's just they are, you know, normally. Did they dothat? He also got to a cup final. They got to wow andinto Europe because we won. Does that not make me had a chance toplay greater? Great? Not. There were. So, all right's youtalking about that? You're talking. You're talking about the playoffs. At thattime there was no playoff. No, that's not fair. Right. Andas soon as since get promoted, they brought that rule and saying, yeah, that's not fair at all, will put it in. So since probablycould have got promoted, but you never know, since might have gone straightback down had they got promoted that year. So it was a maybe a blessingin disguise that that happened. You know, happen to get enough?No, they run of money and then, and you know what happens to runmoney? You does skin you like you'd you get goes away. Yeah, for a long time. You get anymore? No, no, butwhen then it's like to buy their players. So, yeah, they're still inthe non league. Well, yeah, so they got back to known theygot liquidated, so they had to start from scratch again. They're backin then non long leagues. Yet like another speet, forgetting Provo. Likeanother team yet need anything, but there you go. Anyway. So lesson. We've had a really fantastic conversation. I've really enjoyed it. Really hugethanks to Chivel and Tommy come through player to talk to us today. Thankyou so much for joining us. Thank you. Okay,.

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