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Book It Episode 2 - World Book Day Special


Kaiya, Ruby and Luke bring you a World Book Day Special.

Hello and welcome back to book it. I hope your week's been okay so far. Coming up on today's podcastwe will be talking about World Book Day and the importance of reading. Wewill be giving some book reviews on books that we have read, we'll begiving you some top tips to get back into reading and, last or not, we will be reading our short stories from our recent competition that went outto our school and primary schools. Let's get started, shall we? Ohmy goodness and die again. I keep waiting for a response in the isn'tgoing to be one anyways. Moving on world booked. It is the biggestcelebration of its kind. The aim of... is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and, of course, reading. To help young people do that,book tokens are given out skills, including some nursries and secondary schools.The maze runner is a fictional story set in the future and is written byJames Dashner. The world isn't kills of a virus which turns people into mindlessmonsters. Very few people are still alive, but an organization called wicked is tryingto find a cure. The first three books fall of Thomas in thefirst book. He wakes up in a dark El there without his memory.All we knows is his name and age. When he gets out with the Lthere, he wakes up in a huge maze and is greed by peoplecalled the gladers. It's up the Thomas to find a way out of themaze. The last two books in the series are prequels, which explains somuch about what happens. These books are really good because you don't want toever put them down. If you're fond...

...of the hunger games, you'll lovethese books. Today we will be going over a challenge that students from primaryschools and breathapart high scultic partner. We are going to go over the fiftyword story challenge that was set. We got a lot of replies of brilliantstories, but sadly we could only choose to the first one of the challengeis ruppy from breathapark high school. Her story says, as I ran throughthe fog of day and over the hills I once called home, I felta belated feeling of freedom. I kept running through the sound of them vociferatingmy name was disarranging. I never once looked back to see their Adam faces. This is freedom. Some top pitts forgetting back into reading include picking agenre the interest you and then take a few books that you think you mightlike to read. Also, if you're starting to read after a long time, I would suggest to start with a...

...light book that don't need long sittinghours or a long span of concentration, and also consider picking up some fiction. Still Friends, as a book by Sal Aster Woitz as about friends.The TV show explains behind the scenes, before and after and additions for thecharacters. Did you know that Courtney Cox, who plays Monica, originally got placeas Rachel? If you're a fan of friends or just love books ingeneral, then you would love to read this book. I would definitely recommendedfor over ten plus. Here is another fifty word story by V hathaway fromLogiam and primary wings. I'm running, I'm flying, I'm soring above theclouds, swhipping and diving. I'm breathing in the cold, fresh air andlaughing. No one can touch me here and free. I'm light as afeather, floating, almost as the queen wind buffets me around. I havemy wings, I'm free. The genre...

...that I've been focusing on when I'vebeen reading my books as team drama. The book that I'm reading right nowis called girls under pressure by Jacqueline Wilson. It's about a girl called Ellie andher two best friends. Marked done the D and they're going Christmas shoppingat the floor fields shopping center. While they shop, they notice a largebuzz of a bed going on upstairs. Nadine wonders if it's for television.Magda replies, Wow, I hope so and steers up the others two staircaseswhere they join the queue to discover what all the fusses about. It turnsout to be a modeling competition for Spicy magazine, which Elie discovers after seeinga lot of pretty teenage girls get in their photos taken. Ellie stairs inhorror as she realizes what she's been in...

...a queue for. She Witnesses Magdaand the Dean being photographed. Seeing how pretty near Dinas it's fallis turned tobe photographed, but she runs away, pushing through the que as she goes, resulting in one of the girls in the que exclaiming she's far too backfrom modeling. Ellie, heart and upset, leaves and goes home. She beginsto display signs of eating disorders from this point, both by restricting herfood intake and making herself sick when she feels she's overeaten. It worsens whenthe Dean goes through the second round of the spicy modeling competition. Elie triesto be supportive, but envies all of the models in their bodies and reflectshow unfair is that the DNA is so sale despite taking no care over herdiet. However, the Dean is not...

...chosen two or through to the nextround. The true quarrel, but make it up on the way home.Elie is still in the feels of her eating disorder and has started to worryher parents to to her weight loss and there discovery of her eating behaviors.She has previously done an art project for the Zoe, and intelligence shouldn't it'sbeen put up here to take her GCS. He's early and had more recently encounteredzoe at the swimming pool. Ellie notices that Zoe used to have abiggish bun and now she says she has amazing cheekbones. Due to the lackof food and plentiful exercise. She uses aweys an inspiration for the time,but one day Zoe is not at the swimming pool or its school. Shelearns that Zoe has taken to an eating disorder word at the local hospital andvisits her there. The visit prompts Ellie... examine her behaviors after realizing thatZoe got so thin she collapsed and nearly died of heart failure, and she'sshocked by how sad and small zoe looks. Ellie decides that ultimately, she isnot willing to risk everything in the pursuit of being thin and is goingto concentrate our being happy instead and love her body for the way she isand love her appearance for the way she will always be. Another way toget back into reading is by listening to an audio book. Studies have shownaudio books are just as engaging as reading books, sometimes even more engaging.I hope you enjoyed this World Book Day podcast. We hope to see youagain for another exciting podcast.

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